Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I'm Pinning Wednesday

The Laundry Room.  Not, the most fun place to be, but laundry must be done!  I am ready to do some work in my laundry.  We bought our new house 8 months ago and every wall in the house was painted the same color with cheap flat paint.  Well let me tell you...8 months later my walls look awful!

The laundry room is one place that I would really like to add some color and decor to.  Making it a happier place, certainly will make the chore of laundry easier.

Here is what I am pinning this week- Laundry Decor:

Oh-M-Gee, this is adorable.  How cute are those pictures of little ones and laundry?!?  LOVE that they are hanging on pant hangers- SO doing this!

I will have to have my mom (antiquer/crafter) watch for me one of these antique washboards.  Sure will remind me of how thankful I am to have a washer and dryer!
Source: via Burlap and on Pinterest

Here is a good tutorial for making a drying rack that stores on the wall, cool!

We need this!  My one-year old's socks are always getting strayed from one another, this board is the perfect place to store one, while looking for the other!

Adorable.  Love the vintage looking metal basket.  Now, my husband will have a place to look for his badge, keys and all the junk he leaves in his pockets!

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